Burleson Orthodontics Shares Smiles Across Kansas City


A smile is contagious, according to the saying. That was literally true at the offices of SCL Provider Dr. Dustin Burleson of Burleson Orthodontics during the month of October.

For the second year in a row, Dr. Burleson has pledged to treat one child through Smiles Change Lives for very new patient who began treatment at his practice in October in what he dubs his “Share A Smile Program.” October is National Orthodontic Health Month.

In the inaugural year of “Share A Smile” in October 2013, Dr. Burleson’s initiative created 152 slots for treating SCL kids this year in 2014. After adding scores of new patients to his practice this October, 136 slots will be available to SCL kids come 2015—that’s a lot of smiles to go around!

Burleson Orthodontics celebrated the culmination of the campaign with a post-Halloween candy exchange in which trick-or-treaters could avoid future cavities by trading their sweets for non-edible prizes while also stuffing gift bags full of their traded-in goodies for members of the military serving abroad.

Thank you, Dr. Burleson, for including Smiles Change Lives in your effort to share smiles all across town!

In part due to Dr. Burleson’s generosity through his “Share A Smile Program,” the greater Kansas City metro area now has unprecedented immediate openings for kids to receive the braces that they need but that their family cannot afford. This is an opportunity children in some parts of the country wait more than three years to receive. Tell someone you know about the Smiles Change Lives’ Kansas City openings, and you yourself may have a role in sharing a smile with a deserving child!


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