Celebrate your oral health today!


There’s a lot to celebrate today!  Not only is it the first day of spring, it’s also International Day of Happiness and World Oral Health Day. And what better to be happy about than your oral health? Though easy to take for granted, good oral hygiene makes a huge difference in your overall well being. And it’s essential if you want to avoid problems like gingivitis, tartar, and tooth decay.  In fact, 90 percent of people worldwide will suffer from oral diseases in their life time. In the United States, about 80 percent of the population has had some form of gum disease.

Good oral hygiene not only keeps your smile happy and healthy, it is also crucial for successful orthodontic care. People wearing braces are more prone to experiencing dental problems than non-braces wearers. If dental problems become too severe, braces will need to be removed and orthodontic treatment can’t continue. A word to our SCL patients: take good care of your braces if you want to finish treatment with a great looking smile!

In honor of World Oral Health Day, here are some tips on how to keep good oral hygiene when you’re wearing braces:

  1. Bring a dental kit with you to school. Brushing and flossing teeth between meals will make a big difference in avoiding buildup around your brackets
  2. Use a floss threader. This can make it easier to successfully floss when you have braces on your teeth.
  3. Change your toothbrush every 2-3 months. Old toothbrushes aren’t as effective because they carry bacteria.
  4. Add a mouth rinse to your oral hygiene routine. This can help reduce bacteria and plaque even more than traditional brushing and flossing.

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