Dr. Kelly Morgan – Orthodontic Provider of the Week

April 30, 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Kelly Morgan of Morgan Orthodontics in Landsdowne, VA!

Dr. Kelly Morgan Dr. Kelly Morgan has been creating healthy, confident smiles for SCL youth in her community since 2011. This year she is celebrating her 10th year in practice! On Saturday, April 28th, Dr. Morgan and her team hosted an SCL outreach open house at their office in Landsdowne, VA, to recruit potential SCL participants. From that event, Dr. Morgan has committed to treating 25 qualified youth. That equals $150,000 of donated service to SCL!

We thank Dr. Morgan and her amazing team for their generosity and dedication to support to SCL in bracing kids for a better future

Learn more about Dr. Kelly Morgan and Morgan Orthodontics here


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