For Dentists

Since 1997, Smiles Change Lives has delivered orthodontic treatment to more than 10,800 children nationwide. We rely on both orthodontists and general dentists to help us spread the word about the program, and donate time and efforts in providing treatment to these children in need.

SCL serves children who meet the following criteria:

  • 7-21 years old,
  • Good oral hygiene & no unfilled cavities,
  • Not currently wearing braces,
  • Has a moderate to severe need for braces, and
  • Meets SCL’s financial qualifications (varies by region)

For Dentists

General dentists play an integral role in the success of Smiles Change Lives. We depend on our Referral Partners to help spread the word about our program, in fact, over 50% of the children who apply to SCL are referred by their general dentist! A general dentist’s clinical knowledge is also essential to our application process to evaluate oral hygiene and determine if a child is a qualified candidate for our program.

If you have any patients that could benefit from our program, please refer them to our website to download and print an application or apply online directly.

Please do not print copies of the application to hand out to your patients as our application. Instructions change from time to time and this may lead to confusion and rejection of the application if it is not current. If you would like brochures to display in your office with general program information, please contact us at And we would be happy to provide these to you.

For Orthodontists

Over 750 generous orthodontic providers have donated their time and efforts to change the lives of motivated, deserving children in their communities. If you are ready to start providing happy, healthy smiles to kids in need, download a provider agreement here.


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