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Children applying for our orthodontic program must meet the qualifications noted below and be motivated to follow the assigned orthodontist’s treatment plan, which averages between 20 and 36 months.


  • Be 7-18 years of age (must receive application prior to the child’s 19th birthday);
  • Have “good” oral hygiene and no unfilled cavities;
  • Have a moderate to severe need for braces;
  • Not be wearing braces currently;
  • Family must meet the SCL financial guidelines (varies by geographic location); and
  • Be willing to pay the non-refundable $30 (USD) application fee and the non-refundable $650 (USD) required financial investment (per child).


smiles change lives photos requiredIf you have determined that your child is a good candidate for our program, you are now ready to begin the application process. The application can be completed online or offline.

Before you begin though, there are several required documents that will be submitted as part of the application process. Having them at the beginning of the process will save you time and help with planning.

  • Photos Required (Photo Instructions) (Video)
  • Letters of support (optional) This is an opportunity for your child, you, family or friends to describe why it is important for the applicant to get braces.
  • Federal Income Tax Return OR Supplemental Security Income Awards Letter [USA] / or a Notice of Assessment (NOA) and Canada Child Benefit (CCB) [Canada] (Financial & Tax Info)
  • Determine the current wait time for your area.

Complete Application Online:

smiles change lives online applicationWhile the online application can be done on a cell phone, you will find it easier and possibly faster if done on a desktop PC.

We have also compiled an Application Checklist to follow that explains the required items in greater detail. We also recommend you review the Program & Application Process Overview before you begin the online application.

smiles change lives applicationIn addition to the application, you will notice that the download also contains detailed instructions, a checklist to help you complete the application fully, and some consent forms to sign.

NOTE: SCL only accepts the current version of our application. Download a current application by clicking the button above. In addition, all applications received will be subject to the most current fee structure regardless of the fees specified on the application submitted.


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