Application Waiting Period For The Smile Change Lives Orthodontic Program

Wait times vary widely. They can be as quick as 6 mo or 12mo and longer.

* In areas where the demand is greatest, it is possible that applicants will have an additional waiting period before they’re able to begin orthodontic treatment.

**Due to current situation with the coronavirus COVID 19, wait times may be additionally affected. We will keep information updated as this changes.

We want to reassure you that each child who applies to SCL is an invaluable person who will receive equal care and attention throughout the application and treatment processes. Over the years, we have worked hard to refine our application process and have implemented sophisticated technology systems that enable us to track each child’s status in the program. We assure you that your child will not be lost, forgotten, or overlooked at any point during their association with Smiles Change Lives.

At minimum, families can expect to hear from SCL when the following occur:

  • When your application is received
  • When approval or denial for treatment is determined – or if further evaluation is needed (due to poor dental hygiene, dental development, or other potential issues)
  • When a treatment provider is secured and the program fee becomes due
  • When assignment to a treatment provider is secured

The number of families applying for assistance through SCL is growing daily, and we are working hard to place as many children into treatment as possible. We greatly appreciate your patience as we work to move your child through the application process.


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