Provider FAQs For Our Orthodontist Partners

Changing Lives One Smile At A Time

What are the benefits of being an Smiles Change Lives provider?

SCL takes the guesswork out of your pro bono service. SCL conducts a rigorous application and screening process to ensure all patients assigned to you are qualified, motivated and appreciative. SCL closely monitors assigned patients for compliance issues to ensure you have a positive experience.

SCL also provides excellent marketing benefits to all providers to help brand them as caring, community-minded businesses. SCL provides each practice with a starter kit to display in their office, showcasing their community involvement with SCL. SCL contacts each provider’s referring dentists to provide well-deserved recognition, as well as to generate qualified applicants in the provider’s area. Partner providers are listed on the SCL Provider Directory that includes a link to their practice website in an effort to drive additional families to their website and ultimately, their services. Lastly, we highlight providers in more traditional marketing initiatives such as SCL advertisements, articles, press releases, e-newsletters, print collateral, and social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

We want your community to be aware of the great work that you’re doing to provide deserving children with a healthy, beautiful smile!

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How do I know I’m treating a deserving child?

SCL verifies that all approved applicants have documented good oral hygiene; that the family demonstrates financial need; and that both the child and family are committed to complying with all SCL program rules as well as instructions set forth by you and your staff. In addition, each family is required to invest in their child’s treatment by paying SCL’s program fee. By giving families a hand up, rather than a hand out, they are more committed to compliance and completion of treatment. As a result, SCL boasts a 98% patient compliance rate for the past five years.

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How are applicants screened?

Only those applicants who meet all other SCL criteria are submitted to you for consideration. Prior to making a determination if you will accept the child for treatment, you have the option of an initial consult with the child and family or you may base your decision on the written information submitted by SCL. An initial consultation provides you with the opportunity to evaluate the child and family for orthodontic need, oral hygiene, level of severity, and general fit for your practice.

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Who decides which children to approve?

SCL carefully screens all applicants based on our program qualifications. Only those that have been pre-approved are submitted to you for your consideration. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

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I signed up with SCL quite a while ago, why haven’t I been assigned any children?

SCL plays matchmaker between qualified children in need of care and orthodontic providers who want to provide that care. If your practice doesn’t have any SCL cases assigned to you yet, it’s because we do not currently have any qualified applicants from your area. Please contact Mr. Alexis Barclay about our Fast Track Program.

Please know that we also reach out to your referring dentists, the national organizations of dental hygienists, school nurses and counselors and others to recruit applicants. If you have ideas on how we might identify qualified applicants in your area, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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What do you need from me during the treatment process for SCL patients?

We ask that you submit Patient Progress Reports upon banding the child and then every six months until treatment is completed. If you are able, we always appreciate photos during treatment, especially ones of you and your patient together! Please email high-resolution photos to

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What happens once treatment is finished?

Like you, we are thrilled when SCL kids complete their treatment! Please submit a final Patient Progress Report, including photos, so that we can track each child’s completion. SCL sends each patient a letter of congratulations and stays in touch through periodic communication. Several SCL Alumni have actually gone into the dental profession because of their life-changing experience with generous SCL providers.

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How is SCL different from other orthodontic programs?

SCL allows our providers to use their time doing what they do best – treating deserving, compliant, and grateful kids. SCL performs all screening and program administration, including taking any disciplinary action (which is extremely rare) – all you have to do is smiles on children’s faces. In addition, SCL does not require fees, fundraising, boards, or chapters to be established.

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