Doctor’s Choice Program At Smiles Change Lives

How Can Smiles Change Lives Help Me To Treat Candidates That I Think Are Deserving, Which I Encounter Through My Office, Community, Or Church?

The Doctor’s Choice program is designed to allow you (SCL providers) to select the patients you want to treat through our program and then “fast track” their applications so that you can begin treatment immediately.

The Doctor’s Choice program also allows you to treat candidates that may not have qualified under the standard SCL guidelines (age, finances, severity, etc.), but that you want to treat.

Types of individuals that our providers have referred to SCL through this program include:

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  • Military families
  • Special needs patients
  • Police officer and firefighter’s families
  • Teacher’s families
  • Current patients that may have fallen on tough times
  • Kids that have “aged out” but are on their own or students

Steps To Follow If You Have A Fast Track Candidate

  1. Inform the family to complete an application at – SCL Application
  2. Complete the form below. We will match this information with the application as soon as it comes in.
  • Please enter the name of the person you'd like to Fast Track.
  • (in case we have questions or need to follow up)
  • Best number and time to call

The graphic below shows how the Doctor’s Choice Fast Track process differs from our regular procedures.




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