Fun Facts About Teeth, Number by Number

Here at Smiles Change Lives, we obviously like teeth. While we might be experts at helping deserving kids access the treatment that creates their great smiles, we found that we needed to brush up on our own knowledge of all things toothy. Here, by-the numbers, we present our top ten facts about teeth.

12: more teeth adults naturally have than children naturally have. Adults have 32 while children have 20.

90%: diseases affecting multiple systems of the body that also have oral symptoms. Regular dental exams have literally saved people’s lives!

2nd : ranking of tooth decay among the most common diseases in the United States, only after the common cold!

48: seconds the average person brushes their teeth. Dentists would prefer brushing sessions of 2-3 minutes.

35%: surfaces of their teeth people who do not floss miss cleaning.

1 out of 2,000: babies born with a tooth already erupted

0: people with a tooth or tongue print like yours. Just like fingerprints, every person, even identical twins, has unique pattern in their mouth.

30-40: pounds per square inch of pressure the average North American can exert with their jaws. Some Inuit people can exert 350 lbs per square inch of pressure!

2,000: dollars just one cavity is estimated to cost over a lifetime

50%: people who report that a person’s smile is the first physical trait they notice

Here’s the information as an infographic:



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