mapline test page

…so you’ve heard some chatter about a portal for SCL Providers. It is finally under construction. This will allow us to share a number of resources with you and your team directly that can be accessed anytime.

For a preview, we’d like to show you a little behind the curtain sneek peek. Have you wondered how we match the kids that have applied and been accepted into the SCL Program with you? These are kids who meet the financial requirements along with several other requirements and are ready for a consultation as a final step before they are approved for treatment.

This map illustrates all of our providers (stars) as well as all of the kids (hearts). If you use the “+” sign, you can zoom in until you get to your state and then city. If you are in a high demand area, the first thing you will notice is how the demand greatly exceeds the supply. This has resulted in a 36 mo wait in many areas. Of course, the pandemic amplified the problem.

Take a look and let us know your thoughts.


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