SCL Success Story: Sarah and Dr. Ensley


We are all wow-ed by the transformation of SCL patient Sarah, who recently finished treatment with Dr. Ensley in Oregon. Before applying for braces through Smiles Change Lives, Sarah struggled with self-confidence, feeling ashamed of how her teeth looked. “I don’t like when people point out that I have ‘an extra tooth’ growing out of my mouth when I smile,” Sarah wrote in her application essay. “I immediately stop smiling and cover my mouth because it makes me insecure.”

She also experienced name-calling by peers. Sarah reports being told that she could use her tooth as a screwdriver or stab someone with it if they tried to mug her. “Once someone told me [the tooth] could be used as a can opener. I know the person was joking but it still hurt my feelings,” Sarah wrote.

After two years in treatment with Dr. Ensley, Sarah has a beautiful smile. Check out the before and after picture of Sarah:


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