Smile Stories (May 2014)

Twice each year participants are asked to share their “Smile Story” about how their lives have changed since receiving braces. Entries from one girl and one boy are selected. Each is awarded a Sonicare Toothbrush, generously donated by Philips Sonicare.

Congratulations to the winners of the May 2014 contest: Shaquanzious and Nathan!

shaquanzious smiles change lives story

“This program will change my life. I didn’t feel comfortable talking to people, or smiling. I always covered my mouth when I laughed, and I never smiled showing my teeth in pictures. Even though my teeth are still bucked with spaces, I feel better just knowing they will be fixed. Thank you Smiles Change Lives and Dr. Joe Wasson for helping kids like me!”
– Shaquanzious

nathan smiles change lives story

“My life is different because now I feel better about myself. I really needed braces, it was hard for me to eat. If not for Smiles Change Lives and Dr. Dustin Burleson, things would be very different. With my new smile I can focus on Boy Scouts and band (which I recently won an award for!) and making the world a nicer place. Thanks for everything you do with this program!”
– Nathan

We’d like to share other entries from the May 2014 contest with you too.

asante smiles change lives story

“I had an overbite and a gap, all my friends teased me by calling me names. With my new smile came a confidence that I know will open new doors for me. Without Smiles Change Lives, my family would not be able to afford the outstanding care that Dr. Clarence Red and his staff are providing me.”

emily smiles change lives story

“I was teased about my teeth, and it was important for me to help my self esteem. Now when I look in the mirror, I like what I see! I can’t thank Dr. Frank Egan and his staff enough. It is so generous of them to be a part of this program. Thanks to Smiles Change Lives my smile is bigger and brighter! I will be the best at whatever I put my mind to!”

justin smiles change lives story

“Whatever I do I will always be grateful to SCL and Dr. Suzanne Dennis. I love her staff and her office. I got hit in the face while playing kick ball with my friends. It knocked the wire off my braces. I thought I was going to be in trouble, but Dr. Dennis staff fixed me up!”

andrea smiles change lives story

“I want to tell my orthodontist, Dr. Zachery Casagrande thank you. As soon as I enter the office he and the whole staff are very kind and friendly. With my new smile I will be able to be more social and have more opportunities that come my way.”

carlotta smiles change lives story

“Thank you Dr. Dustin Burleson for my smile, you have a kind heart. I used to be ashamed of my crooked teeth. Feeling the freedom of smiling is priceless. SCL has changed my life forever.”

thaddeus smiles change lives story

“I used to hide my smile, but now I don’t feel insecure about my teeth because I know my they are getting better every day. I have SCL and Dr. Christopher Edelen for the reason I smile a lot more!”

hailey smiles change lives story

“I’m grateful to SCL because their staff headed me in the right direction to my orthodontist. I’m so grateful to Dr. Ronald Taylor to give me the opportunity to have healthy teeth. I feel comfortable knowing that my brighter smile is on the way!”

eli smiles change lives story

“SCL helped me get braces when my family wasn’t in a position to. Now I will be able to have a confident smile! Thank you Dr. Jason Howell!”

addison smiles change lives story

“I want to thank Dr. Kurt Kavanaugh and his staff for being so nice and for explaining everything so well, I love going there. With my new braces I will be so much more confident. Thank you Smiles Change Lives for this opportunity!”

darian smiles change lives story

“Before braces I was self conscious about my smile, but not anymore, because I know that I am very close to a beautiful new smile. What is very special to me is how hard Dr. Luke Chapman and his staff work at giving back to their community. I thank them and SCL for opening the door so that my family could find affordable braces.”

karlie smiles change lives story

“As the saying goes; don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” The reality of that is the world is opposite of that. I have a high narrow pallet and buck teeth. But because of braces, my new smile will open up doors for me in the future. Thank you Dr. Casey O’Conner, for treating me like any other patient. Without you and smiles Change Lives, I never would have had this opportunity!”

curtis smiles change lives story

“I have a big overbite which made eating difficult. I want to thank Dr. Nicole Teifer and Smiles Change Lives for helping me straighten my teeth. I feel much better about eating and especially taking pictures!”

ashliegh smiles change lives story

“I was shy and didn’t like to talk to people. I always felt embarrassed of the way my teeth looked. I’m not afraid to smile and talk to people now, my self esteem is so much better! Thank you Dr. Chad Johnson for taking me as your patient and thank you SCL for giving me this chance. God bless you all for what you do for people.”

noah smiles change lives story

“My teeth were really ugly and crooked, I never smiled because I was embarrassed. Now they are getting straighter and they feel a lot better too! Thank you, Dr. Jeffrey Barlow for helping me smile with confidence! My teeth are looking good and I know that I will get a great job without my teeth being a problem.”

bailey smiles change lives story

“My teeth not only looked bad, but I had trouble biting and chewing. Thanks to SCL my life is different now; I take pride in my smile. Dr. Lindsay Resmer and her staff are the greatest people in the world. They take excellent care of me!”

amir smiles change lives story

“I wanted to be able to smile without shame. I tried not to smile a lot when I didn’t have braces. Thanks to SCL I don’t have to be afraid to smile, which is a major improvement. I would like to tell Dr. Anthony Puntillo and Dr. Christopher Crane thank you for all the work you are doing for me. You are good role models for young boys and girls!”

kylie smiles change lives story

“I had problems talking, and I got made fun of and people would ask me why I talked so funny. But I don’t get made fun of anymore and my speech is much better. Thank you Dr. Carol Summe, I will not be embarrassed to smile anymore!”

benjamin smiles change lives story

“Before braces, I was embarrassed about my teeth, I was in pain, so I didn’t like smiling. But all that has changed. Thank you SCL and Dr. Richard Arnstine, for changing my life in so many ways. I plan to work with people for the rest of my life, and having a nice smile will give me the confidence I need!”

mary smiles change lives story

“My teeth are super crooked, everybody made fun of them, plus it’s super hard to brush and I’m told I talk funny. I want to thank Dr. David Kujak, he’s a pretty cool dude, and Smiles Change Lives for saving my family a whole lot of money. It will be worth it one day when I have a nice, if not beautiful smile!”

jacob smiles change lives story

“Thank you SCL and Dr. Eric Neuer for changing my life. With my new smile, I will hopefully blow people away at job interviews!”

lydia smiles change lives story

“I felt insecure about my teeth. I feel my new smile will help me get good jobs in the future. Thank you SCL and Dr. Ryan Caudill. I love how nice you are to me and thank you for everything are doing for me!”

kayla smiles change lives story

“My teeth were horrible, and I would never smile, but they have gotten so much better. I want to thank Dr. Jason Howell and his staff for being so friendly when I come in and for helping my smile. And thanks to SCL, you guys really do change lives!”

george smiles change lives story

“I never smiled like I do now! Smiles really do change lives, I get in better moods when I smile. Thanks to Dr. Cory Costanzo for helping me feel more confident.”


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