Testimonials From Orthodontists Partnered With Smiles Change Lives

Helping Families With The Cost Of Braces & Changing Lives
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dr amy smith review of smiles change lives

“I partnered with Smiles Change Lives because I want to help make more smiles in this world. The children we see through Smiles Change Lives are sometimes more motivated than others, because they truly want braces to help improve their quality of life.”

– Dr. Amy Smith, SCL provider from West Virginia

dr glenn sosebee review of smiles change lives

“I like working with Smiles Change Lives because the partnership between my practice and Smiles Changes Lives allows me to provide orthodontic treatment to patients that are truly in need of quality, potentially life-changing orthodontic care.”

– Dr. Glenn Sosebee, SCL provider from Georgia

dr joe hannah review of smiles change lives

“SCL is well organized and does an excellent job screening patients who need treatment. I will always want to treat several pro bono patients every year and this is the best way I have found to allow me to do this. It is rewarding to give back to the community and I appreciate the commitment that SCL has shown for many years towards the importance of a healthy smile for everyone.”

– Dr. Joe Hannah, SCL provider from Kansas

dr lindsay resmer review of smiles change lives

“I love partnering with SCL because they help me manage my charitable giving by removing all the guess work and personal biases. The parents and kids are so appreciative and it is just the right thing to do!”

– Dr. Lindsay Resmer, SCL provider from Indiana

dr ryan caudill review of smiles change lives

“SCL gives me a way to give back to those who truly are unable to afford orthodontics, yet value and are highly-motivated to receive orthodontic treatment. It takes the guessing game out of selecting pro-bono patients. I always feel a sense of satisfaction whenever I see my SCL patients, and have never second guessed accepting them into my practice even early in my career.”

– Dr. Ryan Caudill, SCL provider from Florida

dr gretchen schnepper review of smiles change lives

“Partnering with Smiles Changes Lives is an excellent way to provide treatment for those who would otherwise be unable to receive it. I love that I am able to focus solely on the treatment of each patient and not on the selection process. I am always looking for ways to give back to our community and Smiles Change Lives allows me to do that with ease.”

– Dr. Gretchen Schnepper, SCL provider from Washington

dr john murdock review of smiles change lives

“I love SCL because it makes the selection process seamless and convenient for providers that what to give back. They take the guess work out of determining who is truly in financial need which allows us as providers to focus on what we truly love to do….create beautiful smiles!”

– Dr. John Murdock, SCL provider from South Carolina

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